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Composed of natural quartz and flexible resins, engineered quartz surfaces provide the strength and beauty of natural stone without the maintenance! Benefits of Quartz: *Non-porous and never requires sealing *Consistent patterns *Very durable and scratch resistant *Easy to clean, only needs soap and water. Quartz is a great countertop material due to its heat & stain resistance and low maintenance requirements, making it an ideal surface for kitchens, baths, and many other indoor applications.

Superior Quality

virtually maintenance free

Quartz Brands


Universal Granite & Marble is proud to offer a wide variety of dynamic and sought after quartz designs to our customers. Having forged exclusive partnerships with some of the top quartz brands from around the world, UGM is a proven leader in engineered stone.

  • U|Quartz

    U|Quartz surfaces combine elegance with durability. UGM's carefully designed private label quartz collection includes a plethora of unique colors and finishes that reflect today’s hottest trends. The versatile beauty of this material is complimented by its superior quality as these surfaces contain up to 93% natural quartz. U|Quartz surfaces are nonporous and very scratch resistant, making them virtually maintenance free.

  • Vadara Quartz

    Vadara is quartz designed for modern living. With its superior practical qualities including extreme durability, Vadara surfaces are ideal for use in almost any interior application. This premium surface material is composed of 93% pure, natural quartz – one of the hardest minerals on earth. Vadara gives you natural stone style with quartz substance, and features superior performance because of Vadara’s strength and durability. This material is nonporous which prevents stains from permeating its surface and does not require sealing.

  • Santa Margherita Quartz

    Crafted from quartz sands and carefully selected resins that then undergo an intense manufacturing, grading, and polishing process, Santa Margherita Quartz complies with the strict international standards required for the food industry and safe indoor environments. Produced in Italy using cutting-edge Breton technology, SM Quartz is ideal for a wide variety of applications from prestigious large open commercial spaces to intimately detailed interior design solutions in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and more.

Quartz Vadara Colors

Vadara Colors

  • Athena Quartz


  • Laguna Quartz


  • Bronzo Quartz


  • Victoriano Quartz


  • Slate Mist Quartz

    Slate Mist

  • Sereno Gold Quartz

    Sereno Gold

  • Calacatta Sevella Quartz

    Calacatta Sevella

  • Sereno Bianco Quartz

    Sereno Bianco

  • Marbella Quartz


  • Oro Galassia Quartz

    Oro Galassia

  • Calacatta Belleza Nuovo Quartz

    Calacatta Belleza Nuovo

  • Calacatta Dorado Nuovo Quartz

    Calacatta Dorado Nuovo

  • Statuario Venato Nuovo Quartz

    Statuario Venato Nuovo

  • Blanco Venato Nuovo Quartz

    Blanco Venato Nuovo

  • Petra Grigio Quartz

    Petra Grigio

  • Naurelle Quartz


  • Noir Blanc Quartz

    Noir Blanc

  • Laneve Nuovo Quartz

    Laneve Nuovo

  • Amara Nuovo Quartz

    Amara Nuovo

  • Fiore Quartz


  • Carrara Nuovo Quartz

    Carrara Nuovo

Quartz Santa Margherita Colors

Santa Margherita Colors

  • Rodi Quartz


  • Fusion Taupe Quartz

    Fusion Taupe

  • Fusion Taupe Brushed Quartz

    Fusion Taupe Brushed

  • Fusion White Brushed Quartz

    Fusion White Brushed

  • Tivoli Quartz


  • Vega Quartz


  • Fusion White Quartz

    Fusion White

  • Fusion Grey Quartz

    Fusion Grey

  • Fusion Grey Brushed Quartz

    Fusion Grey Brushed

  • Virginia (coming soon) Quartz

    Virginia (coming soon)

Quartz U Quartz Colors

U | Quartz Colors

  • White Mirror Quartz

    White Mirror

  • Grey Mirror Quartz

    Grey Mirror

  • Grey Small Grain Quartz

    Grey Small Grain

  • Glacier White Quartz

    Glacier White

  • Maple White Quartz

    Maple White

  • Pure Gray Quartz

    Pure Gray

  • Pure Dark Quartz

    Pure Dark

  • Pure White Quartz

    Pure White

  • Black Mirror Quartz

    Black Mirror

  • Calacatta San Francisco Quartz

    Calacatta San Francisco

  • Dry Concrete Quartz

    Dry Concrete

  • Polar Land Quartz

    Polar Land

  • Statuario Elegant Extra Quartz

    Statuario Elegant Extra

  • Venatino Extra Quartz

    Venatino Extra

  • Casablanca Quartz


  • Carrara Classic Quartz

    Carrara Classic

  • Calacatta Noble Quartz

    Calacatta Noble

  • White Flower Extra (coming soon) Quartz

    White Flower Extra (coming soon)

  • Monterary Grey (coming soon) Quartz

    Monterary Grey (coming soon)

  • Bianco Extra (coming soon) Quartz

    Bianco Extra (coming soon)

Quartz Application Gallery

Application Gallery