Seeing Red!

Deep and rich colors are on the horizon.

Millenial Pink is morphing into shades of dark red to darker pinks and purples.  Think Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry and plum.  But red isn’t for the faint of heart. it heightens the senses and is the color of passion.  Never boring red can feel contemporary, traditional, rustic or timeless depending on the shade.                                                                                              


Black is back! 

The drama inducing matte black is popping up in interiors everywhere, what started as an accent color for windows and doors has made its way onto furniture, walls and even ceilings.  Black creates a backdrop for bold colors such as gold, mallard blue and apricot.

The incorporation of fold away furniture for smaller spaces paired with contemporary minimalism can now translate to the cooking surface.  Ascale has paired with the manufacturer of an induction range which is installed beneath the sintered top.


Not your parent’s Terrazzo

Terrazzo is not only for floors anymore but for wall cladding and countertops as well. This may be from the rising popularity of pattern décor.  The 1970’s terrazzo has been upgraded with endless color and material options, like glass and metal fragments. It’s no wonder terrazzo is growing in popularity, it’s a new and whimsical alternative to granite and concrete.