Are you a homeowner who’s planning to pick out natural stone or an engineered surface for your countertops or other home building project?  Browsing a stone gallery can be overwhelming!  Below are some tips to ensure that your experience is a good one.


•Do some research prior to your visit: Learning the basics about which type material is best for your application- whether it’s granite/marble/quartz/etc, is a solid plan before heading to a warehouse and being bombarded with hundreds of different options.  For a resource on up-to-date design trends and material do’s and don’ts, visit our other blogs here:


•Partner with a fabricator or building professional:  Many stone suppliers like UGM are wholesalers who do NOT sell material directly to the public.  So in order to pick out material from a stone warehouse for your home, you must have a fabricator who can purchase, cut, and install these surfaces for you.  If you are working with a kitchen and bath showroom, interior designer, architect, or other building professional; they generally will already have a contracted fabricator for your project.


•Follow all safety protocols: It is important to always obey all safety precautions which are typically posted on the walls or on sign-in forms upon entering the warehouse.  Viewing stone should be a fun and exciting experience, but keep in mind that the slabs you are surrounded by weigh thousands of pounds!  Every gallery is different, but typically safety lines are painted on the floor which indicate where it is safe to walk.


•Take photos / ask for samples: It’s always a good idea to take photos of the material you’re interested in so that you can easily remember and reference your color choice after returning home.  Don’t be afraid to ask for sample pieces of the material you’re considering!  Often stone warehouses will provide free sample chips for you to keep so that you can match them with your paint or cabinet colors.


•Never settle: With endless options available to you in terms of types of material and price points, you should never leave a stone galley feeling unhappy with your decision.  After all, these surfaces will be likely be present in your home for many years to come, so make sure your material choices are not rushed/short-sighted!  If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, always ask the staff if there are photos of new slabs which will be arriving soon.  Stone suppliers always have new material in route to them, so it’s possible that the perfect stone for you could on the way.