As 2018 approaches, many new trends in the world of quartz surfaces are emerging!  Check out some of the latest and greatest quartz innovations below that are sure to takeover next year.


Textured quartz surfaces.  As advances in the art of manufacturing quartz continue to evolve, exciting new textured surfaces have begun to hit the market.  With many new colors becoming available in finishes like matte, honed, leathered, and others- quartz manufacturers are now providing a unique TOUCH to their product outside of the traditional polished finish.  Cement-like surfaces and industrial colors are growing in popularity as honed and matte finishes add an interesting element to this design.


Marble-like white quartz surfaces.  For centuries white marble has been the premier material for elegant spaces.  With the advent of engineered quartz, many natural stone patterns are now able to be replicated with extreme accuracy --including Italian marble.  The benefit is that these duplications have the durability of engineered quartz, which allows the material to be used in applications where marble might not be appropriate.  The low maintenance required with quartz provides a perfect solution for homeowners who are seeking that marble-look for their kitchen surfaces.


Quartz surfaces with light veins.  Neutral colors are still looking to be dominant in 2018 with an added twist: sprawling thin white and light grey veins.  This delicate quality is an inverse to the bold, dark veins which are present in many of the quartz patterns which flooded the market in past years.  


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