Leathered surfaces are a booming trend in today’s countertop market!

     This texture creates a unique rustic look with grooves and asymmetrical indentations throughout.  Leathered (also commonly referred to as “antiqued”) finishes are created by sweeping the stone with a diamond encrusted brush.  Since natural stone contains different minerals with varying degrees of hardness, the result of the brushing is an uneven surface –no two leathered textures are ever exactly the same!  Overall, this process creates a weathered look and often brings hidden colors within the stone to life.

     In addition to the fashionable look of leathered countertops, the added durability of this finish has also been factor in its rise in popularity.  As the stone is mechanically brushed many of the natural pores within the stone are closed.  This then makes the surface less susceptible to staining as liquids and moisture are unable to be absorbed by the stone.  Another perk is that due to the matte look of the leather finish, things like water spots and fingerprints are less apparent then we would be on a polished surface.