China produces more engineered quartz than any other country in the world—with 40% of the entire world’s production being absorbed by the US alone!  2016 was a turning point for the quartz market, as China exported nearly $500 million dollars in quartz surfaces, which was a 77% increase from 2015.  In the years following, the international quartz market has continued to grow at a rapid pace—all for one reason: increased demand from consumers.  According to a recent study conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Quartz has now overtaken granite as the most popular countertop material for kitchen renovations in the United States.  By exponentially increasing the supply of quartz surfaces available in the United States, China is helping US suppliers keep up with the tremendous demand for this product –a demand which has become larger than what American quartz manufacturers are currently capable of producing on their own.


Price point

Prior to its boom in popularity, the cost of quartz surfaces in the early 2000’s was dramatically higher than what is today.  Quartz was originally regarded as a very high end and expensive building material within the US, and was typically purchased by wealthy consumers with disposable income.  Large quartz brands developed within the United states and began marketing this product solely to an affluent demographic, which thus alienated a large segment of consumers.  Utilizing their natural resources and newly developed technology, China was able to export and provide quartz colors to the US which represented a much wider price range than what was previously available.  The results have been magnanimous, as quartz is now available to consumers of varying levels of income.


Product innovation:

The original technology developed to manufacture engineered quartz was patented by the Italian company Bretonstone.  Breton machinery was licensed by all major brands for the production of all quartz slabs early on.  However, when the Chinese jumped into the manufacturing race- they were forced to build their own production lines as Breton was pressured from their Western customers not to sell the technology to them.  The new Chinese technology spurred great product innovation, as they began producing quartz slabs at a larger size than anyone else could manufacture at the time.  This feature, coupled with advancements in surface textures and dynamic new color patterns pushed Chinese quartz to the top of the global market.   



Universal Granite & Marble created the brand U|Quartz in collaboration with several of the leading quartz manufacturers in Asia.  Through this partnership, U|Quartz has provided both basic and high-end quartz surfaces to architects, designers, builders, and fabricators around the Midwest in variety of price ranges for their customers.  U|Quartz is an example of the value that Chinese quartz can bring to the US market, with an every-growing history of quality products and satisfied customers.