Quartz countertops are quickly becoming the new trend in American kitchens.  But why choose quartz, and not traditional granite or marble countertops?

The answer lies in the dependable durability of quartz and its wide range of color options.  Although quartz itself is a natural stone, the quartz slabs used for application in countertops and other building projects are generally manufactured and not quarried.  These slabs are almost entirely composed of ground natural quartz along with a tiny amount of added polymer resin.   The resin is included to bind the quartz as well as provide pigments to give the slab color.  The manipulation of this resin can create a vast spectrum of color variations.  The end result of this manufacturing process is a surface ideal for countertop application which is very scratch resistant unlike softer stones like marble.  Additionally, manufactured quartz is nonporous, which means it inhibits the growth of bacteria and does not require a chemical seal.

So whether you’re looking for a countertop to match a particular hue or seeking a surface with a long-lasting lifespan; quartz is worth considering.  Be sure to check out UGM’s new uQuartz collection for the latest and greatest quartz products around.