Now that your home is furnished with breathtaking natural stone, what’s the best way to keep it
looking beautiful?  The answer is proper methods of cleaning and care.  We’ll walk you through the best
ways to care for your stone, as well as the frequency and necessity of having it professionally sealed.

Always remember to NEVER use basic household products like Windex or Pledge to clean your
natural stone countertops and surfaces.  These products often do more harm than good and can leave
permanent discoloration.  If your stone needs cleaning, wipe down the surface with a mixture of warm
water and mild dish soap.  Microfiber cloths are the best applicators, and avoid using things like sponges
and rough materials.  To ensure the elegance of your stone, always remember to wipe up spills
immediately after they happen.

For marble and granite surfaces, we recommend having them sealed at least once per year.  
One way to test if your stone needs sealing is by leaving a couple drops of water on the surface.  If after
a few minutes the water disappears (and is absorbed into the stone) then it is time to have it sealed.  
Keep in mind NOT ALL natural stones need to be sealed, and sometimes sealing them can actually stain
the stone itself.  GENERALLY speaking, darker stones require less sealing than lighter stones.  We
recommend using hiring a professional for sealing applications to ensure the long term beauty of your
stone.  If you feel confident in sealing the stone yourself however, there are several products on the
market that you can use.  The sealing process involves your stone absorbing the sealant, which then
clogs the stones pores to keep out liquids and prevent staining.

By following our tips and advice above, your stone installation should have a lasting vibrant
effect on your home.  And remember -if you’re in the process of remodeling your kitchen or bath, UGM
is the leading supplier for exotic yet affordable natural stones!